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Интервью с Francisco Burzi

Francisco Burzi, дал интерьвью. Вкратце сообщу, что было сказано о планах в развитии системы PHP-Nuke. Как таковых планов, оказывается и нет (в отличие от того что были полтора года назад). Так как снова никаких упоминаний о 8 версии нет, то можно уверенн

Francisco Burzi, дал интерьвью. Вкратце сообщу, что было сказано о планах в развитии системы PHP-Nuke.

Как таковых планов, оказывается и нет (в отличие от того что были полтора года назад). Так как снова никаких упоминаний о 8 версии нет, то можно уверенно сказать что никакого координально переписанного кода в ней не будет.
Правда стоит отметить что в планы как таковые (когда-нибудь) FB наметил себе заняться этим делом.
По поводу распостранения системы, в ближайшее время вид лицензии по которой она распостраняется не измениться, правда уверенности в изложении этого от FB я не прочувствовал. Вроде как намечает выпускать и корпоративную версию систему, снова, в это вериться с трудом, видя какими темпами идет развитие нынешней версии, а без серьезных доработок, а по сути полного изменения системы платить за нее деньги никто не станет.
В общем как всегда -)
Никакой конкретики, никаких дат. Сделаем вывод, ждать чуда не стоит, если и будут вноситься изменения в систему, то как обычно не значительные, а поэтому берем одну из последних версий и самостоятельно доводим ее до собственных потребностей.

Кто такой Francisco Burzi, как родилась система PHP-Nuke (по версии FB), чем он занимается, где учился и т.д. :

I would like to thank Francisco Burzi for taking the time out of your busy day and schedule to do this interview. The public now has alot of info on you and the reason for PHP Nuke. Keep up the good work and once again thank you.
1. Will you be so kind to give us a brief bio? Who is Francisco Burzi?

I was born in Quebec, Canada in 1969 but I'm an Italian citizen thanks to my parents and I have lived in Venezuela all my life.

When I was 14 years old, my father bought me my first computer, an Epson Abacus... since then I got very curious to know how people do certain things. I coded some very simple applications and games in GW-Basic. Alot of years after that I moved with my family to San Cristobal, a mid-size city here in Venezuela. Here I had a computer shop where I got the local distribution of Canon, DTK and Data General system.

When I closed the shop I dedicated myself to create an ISP for scientific use. Because I had a dedicated connection to my house, I also started a news site about Linux called Linux Preview. While maintaining Linux Preview I created PHP-Nuke and since that day my life changed and now it's my full time job.

2. What education do you currently possess?

I concluded the school and basicaly I'm bachelor. I did some studies of IT, graphic design, marketing and hotel profession, but never concluded them.
I worked in some advertising agencies for a while.

3. What got you interested in software development?

My first computer was the first look I had to software development, even if I never created anything useful on it, but I played a little with some code listing found on magazines.

The "real" interest was born when I had a BBS and no software, so I created some little applications in gw-basic and assembler to fill the BBS software archive section.

4. How do you relax after a hard, long day of working on the next release of PHP Nuke?

In many ways, but basicaly having some drinks, playing on my xbox or just by listening to some music or watching movies.

5. What is your favorite movie, game, book?

My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Favorite TV Series: La Femme Nikita
Favorite Music: Kitaro
My favorite games are Command and Conquer and FIFA soccer
I don't read many books, but if I should mention one it's the Holy Bible.

6. What was your life like before you started developing your own portal system with built in forum software?

As mentioned, it was a constant search for something else. When I had my news portal about Linux, I thought it was my future, but I I was wrong. Then after I sold it and started to dedicate all my time to PHP-Nuke, I knew that I finally found my way.

7. What was it like creating the very first PHP Nuke? What was your inspiration behind it?

It was hard. PHP-Nuke was created in about 3 weeks. I based the code on an already existent blog application called Thatware. But when I decided to start a fork of it and modify all its code I didn't know anything about PHP. So I learned on the road. It was hard, it was also a lot of fun.

The inspiration was the infamous Y2K error present on the Slashcode software (the software used on slashdot.org) I used on my site. After looking at all my dates as January 01 of the year 100 I just decided that this will never happen again and started my own project.

8. What part of PHP Nuke do you consider your best accomplishment? Why?

The main part is the News module, but at this time it's hard to say what part is best for me. Almost all parts of the code are useful on PHP-Nuke. But in resume, I think that the best accomplishment of PHP-Nuke is to be able to offer an easy and free way to all the people to create their own online communities. If we speak of community, we must consider all parts of the code an essential part.

9. Did ever think PHP Nuke would be a failure? Why or Why Not?

Never. I knew perfectly that the momment when PHP-Nuke started, it came to fill an empty field.

On year 2000, when I created PHP-Nuke, there were a lot of news sites growing and emerging, so that was the right moment to release a free and GPL application to the world so anybody could create their own portals and news sites.

10. Why did you choose to use phpBB with PHP Nuke?

Plain and simple, by popular demand.
Alot of PHP-Nuke users requested it from the site and the first forum based on phpBB was called Splatt Forums which was included on the code, then the main phpBB code evolved and another group of people started a new forum port called BBtoNuke and I adopted it. This is the actual forum application that is included on PHP-Nuke. In the future, I don't know. Would be better to have our own forum code, but that is another story. Lets see what the future will bring to us.

11. Would you ever consider another forum software to use with PHP Nuke? Why or Why Not?

No. phpBB is a very complete forum application and it's GPL.

12. What other projects besides PHP Nuke are you working on currently?

On the real life I'm doing some investments in the construction area.
On the virtual world I'm working on a massive multiplayer online game and a new site about adult contacts (friends, dates, etc.)

13. What are the most mistakes you have heard or seen other software developers make?

I'm nobody to judge others work. Each programmer/developer does his/her work using the best methods available and in a very personal way. But there is something that I must mention, I see alot of license violations, but not only that, if anybody tries to contact those people to suggest a way to not violate X license, those people don't take any advice and continue with the illegal activities.

We all make mistakes, we are human, but the ability to rectify is of wise people.

14. I have heard rumors of phpBB having security vulnerabilities, does that effect PHP Nuke in any way?

All and any software application you can mention has security vulnerabilities. phpBB and PHP-Nuke aren't the exeption on this rule. Both have security issues and obviously that any security issue discovered on a third party code effects directly the entire system. Fortunately there are people on the community that do a great job maintaining their modules. In the forums case, it's maintained at this time by a nice folks called Chatserv from nukeresources.com

15. This is the biggest question I hear all the time, why did you take down your forums on PHP Nuke? Will you ever bring them back up?

I shut down the forums on my site because there are a few individuals that each time I turn on the forums they start to make heavy sabotages on its content. The last time I had the forums on my site I gave to some people the moderators rights so they were able to help maintain it, but what surprised me was when I discovered that some of the moderators were the same that sabotaged it. Weird, dissapointing... I tried several times to leave the forums up, but the attacks are too big.

I don't have intentions to bring them up again in the near future but I know that many visitors want them. Maybe in the future this can happen.

16. How do you see PHP Nuke changing over the next 2-5 years? Other online forum software/portal systems?

Many parts of the code should be re-coded. They are old code fixed and retouched a lot. PHP-Nuke is far away from perfection and that's the hard goal. In the next few years I see a complete rewrite of the main code and several modules like downloads, web links, forums, private messages, etc. There is also the goal to move all the code to be 100% css compliant and more easy to use with more new features.

17. Do you ever see yourself creating another type of portal software?

PHP-Nuke is maturing, it's evolving in the right way and I don't see any valid reason to start "another" similar project. All ideas I have run around PHP-Nuke.

18. I hear your name alot on other community sites, do you believe yourself to be a celebrity? Why or Why Not? Do you ever receive fan mail?

I don't consider myself a celebrity. Maybe the reason that my name is all over the net is because PHP-Nuke was created by a single person. This brings to me some critics and fortunately alot of fans as well.

Yes, I receive alot of emails all the time, even phone calls, faxes, etc. from fans. I have a personal registry of several emails. Many of them are very confortable to read.

19. How has the creation of PHP Nuke impacted your life? Has it changed your life dramatically?

It changed my life forever. I learned a lot from PHP-Nuke in its 5 years of life (06/26/2000 - 06/26/2005). That was the better part, I feel more wise thanks to this experience. It's fun, it's pleasant. I can't conceive my life without PHP-Nuke.

20. Will you tell us something about yourself that the PHP Nuke users nor other public know?

Yes, I'm imperfect.

21. Do you have any advice for future software developers?

Take your work seriously and respect the licenses and the copyrights. And as my uncle Tonino said to me several years ago: Do whatever you want but be honest and produce.

22. What does the future hold for PHP Nuke?

While I'm behind PHP-Nuke it will continue its road, maturing and being (or trying to be) the defacto portal software for the masses.

Future versions should have better security, more features, more easy to use and any imaginable functionality to bring to its users a software that will make your site a productive and a fun investment. It'll continue to be released under the GPL license since there isn't any reason to change it for now.

Maybe in the near future PHP-Nuke will grow and start to make an approach to the corporative world, I have some ideas on this direction, but I need to make more reflections on this before going forward with an eventual PHP-Nuke Professional or Enterprise Edition. However, this will not affect how PHP-Nuke is being developed and distributed nowadays.

23. What does the future hold for Francisco Burzi?
If I knew what the future holds for me I'd be making alot of money being a prophet!
Seriously, alot of work for all you while I can.

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